About Us

The initial intention of the creators of www.born2shine.org is to give equal opportunity to all talented and gifted people in the fields of Arts and Entertainment.
We are a web based Gallery for artists and talented individuals. Any person, who knows they have an exclusive talent to show and share with the world, can create an account at www.born2shine.org and thus become a member.
We offer exposure, recognition and the possibility to make your works and creativity valuable. We offer you the possibility to generate income with your exclusive talent and creativity.
When you join us, you receive a born2shine profile and a personal contact email address. From that point you can design your own born2shine profile by putting your works, biography, pictures, etc.
Your products and creations would be showcased to the world and sold as well. In this regard, www.born2shine.org thrives for your best interest, making sure you get the exposure you deserve and the financial merit.
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The creators of www.born2shine.org are here to serve artists and talented individuals in giving them exposure and recognition on a worldwide level. We aim to give Equality and Opportunity to those artists and individuals who have an exclusive talent but who are left out from the Entertainment and Arts industry.